5 Maximalist Fashion Style Tips

5 Maximalist Fashion Style Tips

Maximalist fashion features bright colors, bold silhouettes, and patterns; maximalists dress with a sense of playfulness. Learn how to dress maximalistically.


What Exactly Is Maximalist Fashion?

Maximalist fashion is characterized by extravagance and spectacle. Bright colors, bold patterns, oversized accessories, intricate details, and eye-catching designs characterize maximalist fashion. Minimalist fashion, on the other hand, values simplicity, functionality, neutral or monochrome tones, and clean lines. Maximalist fashion trends can be found from disco glam in the 1970s to oversized silhouettes in the 1980s.


5 Characteristics of Maximalist Fashion

From runway couture to street style, maximalist fashion is a sensibility as well as a look. The following are characteristics of maximalist style:

1. Statement accessories: From feather fascinators to chunky jewellery to bright bags, statement accessories complete and add drama to a maximalist outfit.

2. Colors: A pop of color or several complementary or contrasting colors can be used in maximalist fashion.

3. Patterns: Bold prints and intricate designs characterize maximalist fashion. The maximalist style is characterized by the mixing and matching of various patterns.

4. Silhouettes: The maximalist style has no standard silhouette, but maximalist fashion designers favor oversized bell and balloon sleeves, full skirts, and wide-leg pants.

5. Textures: To make a statement, maximalist fashion frequently combines different types of fabrics with varying textures, such as velvet, lace, leather, satin, and silk.


4 Tips for Maximalist Styling

Making daring fashion choices is the key to maximalism. Consider the following tips when styling a maximalist outfit:

1. Keep the elements of your outfit in balance. Balance different elements for a subtle maximalist look. Combine a statement piece, such as a large ruffled skirt or billowy pants, with a fitted top. Wearing a neutral color can also help to balance out an oversized silhouette or accessory. Accessorize a solid-color dress, for example, with a large statement necklace, earrings, and bracelets.

2. Select colors that are complementary or contrasting. Know which colors complement and contrast when putting together a maximalist outfit. To create a cohesive ensemble, choose clothing items in complementary colors and textures. You can also choose accessories in colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel for a striking contrast.

3. Add layers to your look. Maximalists frequently wear multiple layers. Build your maximalist ensemble layer by layer, beginning with the base. To make a bold outfit, layer a simple T-shirt with colorful bottoms, a patterned blazer, and multiple necklaces.

4. Experiment with different combinations to find your personal style. Maximalism is about expressing your unique personality and sense of style. Wear your favorite pieces and mix and match them with other clothing and accessories to create new looks. Building a maximalist wardrobe is an opportunity to practice sustainability; you can find vintage clothing items to wear over and over at thrift stores.