The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Local Cleaning Service

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Local Cleaning Service

Choosing a trustworthy and reliable local cleaning service is an important decision. You are allowing strangers access into your home or business. So you want to ensure you get them properly and select the best company to meet your needs. This guide covers key factors to research when selecting a cleaning service. Questions to ask during interviews, red flags to watch out for and tips for managing the service quality long term. Putting in the legwork upfront will set your cleaning service relationship up for success.

Determine Your Cleaning Needs

Before researching individual Local cleaning service companies, outline what cleaning tasks you want taken care of by a professional service. This will help match you with a cleaning service that offers the relevant services you require. Consider whether you have residential or commercial needs. If you want recurring or one time cleaning and identify any specialty cleaning tasks like deep cleaning, organizing or window washing.

Residential Cleaning

Typical residential cleaning services cover general house cleaning tasks like:

• Vacuuming floors

• Mopping floors

• Dusting surfaces

• Cleaning bathrooms

• Cleaning kitchen

• Making beds

• Changing bed sheets

• Laundry

• Pet hair removal

• Decluttering spaces

The frequency is tailored to what the client wants whether that is weekly, biweekly, monthly or a one-time deep cleaning service.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial office cleaning is done during or after business hours. Services may include:

• Disinfecting surfaces

• Vacuuming

• Mopping

• Dusting

• Kitchen cleaning

• Bathroom cleaning and restocking

• Glass/window cleaning interior and sometimes exterior

• Commercial carpet cleaning

• Floor waxing and buffing

• Emptying trash bins

• Tidying waiting room areas

Some companies even offer special services like pressure washing building exteriors. Discuss all your expectations for cleaning the business space with prospective companies.

Specialty Cleaning Services

Beyond basic cleaning some local providers offer other specialty services like:

• Deep cleaning - intensive cleaning less frequently

• Move-in/move-out cleaning

• Post construction cleaning

• Green cleaning with eco-friendly products

• Clutter organizing and removal

• Window cleaning - interior and exterior

• Garage cleaning and organization

• Carpet steam cleaning

• Upholstery steam cleaning

Research Local Cleaning Companies

Once you establish your ideal cleaning service package. Research options in your area. Local cleaning service Dedham small businesses are ideal over large chains because they invest more personally into building a relationship with each client. Here are a few ways to find top contenders near you:

Best Online Reviews

Online review sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp allow you to view unbiased customer testimonials. Pay attention to 5 star rated companies with a long history and many positive reviews. Look for keywords in reviews like “trustworthy”, “reliable”, “friendly” and “detailed” cleaning.

Find Referrals

Friends, family, neighbors or colleagues likely have cleaning services they can recommend to you. Speaking to someone you know who has directly worked with a company can reveal helpful insight you would not find in an online review.

Relevant Certifications

Look for certifications like eco friendly green cleaning training or carpet and rug cleaning certifications. Specialized institute training shows proactive investment into industry best practices.

Interview & Get Estimates

Once you compile a list of a few potential cleaning companies. Set up in-person estimates and interviews. These conversations are your chance to evaluate if a company will best serve your household or business needs. Prepare questions ahead of time about their specific services, products, pricing, hiring process, insurance policies, scheduling flexibility and anything else important to you.

Here are some important areas to discuss:

Services Offered

Verify what tasks are covered in their cleaning packages. Are there any extra fees like drive time fees in rural areas? Take them room by room to tailor the cleaning checklist to your space.

Affordable Pricing

Companies should provide a written pricing list or an online pricing calculator. Discuss regular rates for weekly, biweekly or monthly service. Confirm if there are special rates for first time deep cleaning or move in/out service. Make sure to communicate your budget constraints right away.

Employer Screening & Insurance

Ask about employee screening and background check process before hiring. Well established companies thoroughly vet employees before allowing them to enter a client home or business alone. Make sure the company carries general liability insurance or bonding to cover any potential onsite incidents. Reputable cleaning companies take safety and accountability seriously.

Scheduling & Cancellations

Understand the standard booking procedures and how far in advance regular service slots fill up. Ask about cancellation policies in case of illness or last minute travel. There should be no burdensome fees but rather flexibility to reschedule for convenience.

Red Flags to Watch

While most cleaning professionals are earnestly trying to provide quality service. There are a few concerning warning signs to watch out for when evaluating cleaning companies.

Too Cheap

Dramatically cheap pricing likely signals cut corners or inexperienced staff. Employees accepting wages well below market rate indicates higher turnover risk rather than sustainable careers. The adage “you get what you pay for” often carries truth in the cleaning business.

No Proper Licences

Legitimate cleaning businesses in most states need to register as an LLC and obtain local operating permits. Independent contractors should carry their own individual business licences. Lack of proper documentation could leave liability gaps putting your property at risk.

Lack of Transparency

Quality cleaning companies have well defined processes, ethical hiring standards, competitive pricing and nothing to hide. Watch for dodged questions, vague answers or pushy sales tactics without transparency. A truly professional service walks the walk when it comes to best business practices.

Make a Decision

Trust your instinct if a prospective cleaning company seems like a good fit or not. The right local cleaning service adapts to your household needs, instills confidence in their professionalism, offers reasonable competitive pricing and proactively communicates with you.

Trust Your Instincts

You need to establish trust to give highly personal access to your property. If a company’s sales pitch makes promises that seem too good to be true. The most successful cleaning service partnerships start with honesty and transparency from day one.

Managing the Service Quality

Once you select a cleaning company,the work is not done. Like any service provider relationship you need to verify quality and manage expectations long-term.


Maintain an open channel of communication with the company management and cleaning staff assigned to your home. Politely provide additional instructions or feedback whenever necessary. Speaking up prevents resentment on both sides.

Evaluate After First Cleaning

Allow a reasonable grace period for deep cleaning tasks. But do evaluate if the basic cleaning meets standards after the very first appointment. Address underperformance promptly rather than allowing disappointment to build visit after visit.

Address Any Issues

No service relationship goes without occasional bumps in the road. Voice grievances assertively focusing the criticism on the action not the person. Every respectable company wants to remedy concerns to a client’s satisfaction. If they become defensive or dismissive, reconsider the partnership. Quality cleaning services realize no one is perfect. But make all efforts to right wrongs.


Choosing a cleaning company requires carefully evaluating options based on your specific home or office needs. Local small businesses often provide the most attentive and customized service cleaning packages compared to mammoth national chains. Ask thoughtful questions, research online reviews and make comparisons before settling on the best fit cleaner. Approach the ongoing service relationship as collaborators clearly communicating along the way. Following these guidelines sets up your new cleaning partnership for a positive long-term experience maintaining a spotless home or workspace. Consistent quality professional cleaners become like family. Going beyond just tidying up to provide dependable support.



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