Essential Steps for Preparing a Jaw-Dropping Corporate Event with FelicitiesEvents

Essential Steps for Preparing a Jaw-Dropping Corporate Event with FelicitiesEvents

FelicitiesEvents is a professional event organizer based in Nigeria that offers a range of services for corporate events, such as conferences, incentives, dinners, product launches, technical design, client hosting, destination management, and custom staging. They have experience in organizing events for various sectors and clients, such as Nigeria Fintech Week (NFW) Africa's largest industry event, fostering innovation, strategic partnerships, and ecosystem transformations, stimulating indigenous creativity, removing crossborder barriers, and fostering stakeholder collaboration.          

Felicities Corporate Events

The Committee of Business Heads (CeBIH) is an association of senior executives from leading banks and financial institutions in Nigeria. They hold an annual conference to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the financial sector. In 2023, they decided to hire FelicitiesEvents to plan and execute their conference and gala dinner, which was attended by over 500 delegates, speakers, sponsors, and guests.

The following are some of the essential steps that FelicitiesEvents took to prepare a jaw-dropping corporate gala for CeBIH:

1. They defined the goals and budget for the event, in consultation with the CeBIH steering committee. The main objectives of the event were to showcase the achievements and innovations of the Nigerian financial sector, to foster networking and collaboration among the stakeholders, and to celebrate the excellence and leadership of the CeBIH members.

Felicities Corporate Events

2. They chose a suitable date, time, and venue for the event. The 2-day event was scheduled for December 5, 2023. The venue was the Eko Convention Centre, a prestigious and modern facility that could accommodate the conference and the gala dinner in separate halls. The venue also offered state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, security, parking, and Wi-Fi services.

3. They contacted and negotiated with various vendors and suppliers for the event, such as the caterer, the decorator, the photographer, the videographer, the DJ, the MC, the band, the keynote speaker, and the award presenter. They ensured that the quality, price, and availability of the services met the expectations and standards of the event.


4. The event theme, program, and materials, were designed and planned by the CeBIH steering committee. Theme: “Driving Market Expansion through Ecosystem Collaboration”. The program included a plenary session, panel discussions, breakout sessions, an exhibition, a cocktail reception, a gala dinner, and an award ceremony. The materials included the invitations, the banners, the brochures, the name tags, the certificates, the trophies, and the gift bags.

5. The CeBIH promoted and marketed the event to the target audience and potential attendees, using various channels and strategies. They created a website, a social media page, and a hashtag for the event. They also sent out email newsletters, press releases, and flyers to the CeBIH members, the media, the sponsors, and the relevant stakeholders. They also secured media coverage and interviews for the event.

Felicities Corporate Events

6. They confirmed the final guest list, RSVPs, and seating arrangements, using an online registration and ticketing system. They also communicated with the attendees and sent them reminders and updates about the event. They also prepared a contingency plan for any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies that might occur during the event.

7. They managed and coordinated the event on-site, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and according to the plan. They also collected feedback and evaluations from the attendees, the speakers, the sponsors, and the CeBIH steering committee. They also sent out thank-you notes and follow-up messages to the participants and the partners.

Felicities Corporate Events


The 2-day conference, which was rounded up with a gala night and awards given to some key players in the industry was a huge success. The corporate event received positive feedback and praise from the attendees, the speakers, the sponsors, and the media. The event also achieved its objectives, showcasing the achievements and innovations of the Nigerian financial sector, fostering networking and collaboration among the stakeholders and celebrating the excellence and leadership of the CeBIH members.



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