How to Make a Wedding Hashtag

How to Make a Wedding Hashtag

Your wedding guests can follow various aspects of your wedding on social media by using a fun and creative hashtag. However, with thousands of wedding hashtags already in use, you may be at a loss for where to begin. Use this guide to find the perfect wedding hashtag to represent your big day.


What Exactly Is a Wedding Hashtag?

A wedding hashtag consists of a hash sign (#) followed by a meaningful phrase, word, or name that is used on social media to direct and connect wedding guests to photos and details about your wedding day. Custom hashtags are created by couples as part of the wedding planning process and are included on their wedding website and wedding signs.


Importance of a Wedding Hashtag

With a unique wedding hashtag, anyone with the hashtag can create social media posts and upload wedding photos that go beyond what the official wedding photographer can capture. "All of those pictures will go into one file where all of the guests can go back and search that hashtag and everything will be right there," says wedding planner Mindy Weiss.

Wedding hashers can include photos of the wedding venue, wedding décor, wedding gowns, and any other big-day events, such as the bachelorette party or photos from an on-site photo booth.


How to Make a Wedding Hashtag

A creative wedding hashtag that the entire wedding party can enjoy is included in a great wedding. To find your perfect wedding hashtag, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Start with your given names. Begin your brainstorming session for your own wedding hashtag ideas with your and your partner's names. Using your and your partner's names in your hashtag makes it easier for your wedding guests to remember. Use your actual couple names, or combine parts of your names into one word.

2. Make use of wordplay. Play with rhyming, alliteration, and synonyms that have meaning to you as a couple. You could use amusing words that sound similar to your names or parts of your names.

3. Add numbers to it. You can use meaningful numbers, such as the date of your wedding or engagement. Inclusion of numbers is especially useful if your desired word-related hashtag already exists.

4. Confirm that your hashtag is unique. Before you decide on a hashtag, look it up online to see if anyone else has used it. Otherwise, photos from unrelated events will be included in your hashtag. Make a popular hashtag unique to your wedding day by adding a number or letter.

5. Make it all caps. Capitalize the first letter of each word in your hashtag to avoid confusion and improve readability. The way your hashtag works on social media is unaffected by capitalization.

6. Publicize your hashtag. Once you've decided on the perfect wedding hashtag, include it everywhere: on your wedding website, wedding invitations, signage at the wedding ceremony, next to guest books, inside your photo booth if you have one, and even on your wedding napkins. In real time, signage will remind your guests to upload photos with your hashtag.


4 Ideas for Creating a Wedding Hashtag

Avoid using complex words when creating a wedding hashtag. Choose easy-to-spell words that your guests will remember to make it easier for them to find your hashtag. Here are a few more ideas to think about:

1. Employ the services of a professional hashtag writer. If coming up with clever hashtags proves difficult, hire a professional to come up with ideas for you.

2. Check for errors. Before spreading the word, always proofread your hashtag to avoid misspellings and to clarify how it reads. For instance, you might want to change your and your partner's names to avoid having double letters next to each other.

3. Investigate wedding trends. Browse through other people's wedding hashtags for inspiration for brainstorming ideas.

4. Make use of a wedding hashtag generator for free. If you prefer to have hashtag ideas delivered directly to you, you can find free wedding hashtag generators online.