How to Play Kolkata FF

How to Play Kolkata FF


Kolkata Fatafat is a lottery game which most of the people in India take part to place bets by choosing numbers between zero and nine.

The game Kolkata FF is very well received among the citizens and has a huge fan following. It is played daily, and the results are announced everyday.

It comes as a stark reminder that the players choose their sets of numbers and then place their bets within the stipulated cut-off time. Once the betting window is closed, winning numbers are drawn out and winners with right guesses get settled their win amounts which are calculated according to provision of game organizers.

Recently popularized due to ease of play and potential high winnings, the game is almost exclusively a pastime for older adults. Gambling is prohibited in India unless they are endorsed by a few states. For this reason, most parts of the country are set against playing Kolkata FF for which any individual performing this action should be cautious. Kolkata Fatafat Game can be played only if you go to the City of Kolkatta since this game is part by part and not just a regular lottery.


Playing Kolkata Fatafat

Kolkata Fatafat is played on a trusted platform or with an agent to offer you the game. As soon as you register and deposit money in your account, you can begin placing parlay bets on the numbers of your choice.

10 numbers are available that can be chosen as 0-1-2-3-4-5-6 -7 – 8 – 9.

The players have an option of choosing one or many numbers and bets their money to the bookies. Later, the number and the sum will be listed down and a ticket will be issued to players for confirmation.

Anybody can verify this result by clicking on There is unanimous result all over West Bengal by kolkata fatafat. When this results are received then in case player wins, he/she needs to contact these bookies as they are the only ones who will pay him or her the amount won.

How to Play Kolkata FF

Understanding the Rules

Familiarization with the general rules and regulations of Kolkata Fatafat is a mandatory preface before getting into the game. Games if any have their own specific betting limits, payout structures and timing so it is important to know them well before indulging in the same.


Improving your Chances

Even though the game is more of a gamble, you can take some measures to get better chances of winning. More specifically, some players look at historical outcomes in order to spot trends, while others use intuition and gut instinct. However, you need to find a method that suits you the best and always follow it.


Kolkata Fatafat Result Time

Below mentioned list shows the result timings of all the rounds (Bazi) which begins in morning and ends in evening.

1st Bazi - 10:12 AM

2nd Bazi - 11:43 PM

3rd Bazi - 01:14 PM

4th Bazi - 02:45 PM

5th Bazi - 04:16 PM

6th Bazi - 05:47 PM

7th Bazi - 07:18 PM

8th Bazi - 08:49 PM

How to Play Kolkata FF

Let’s share several steps that will assist you in how to check your game result online.

1. Firstly you should open the Official Website Portal.

2. On the home page of this portal, find out what is your bazi for today’s current game.

3. Verify your number.

4. if your number is the same as the one drawn, you have won.


Kolkata FF Tips:

1. In Kolkata FF, the players are given a number of cards to select from which has several numbers mapped on them. Each card possesses a discrete numerical combination from which players must select one lot to play the game. There is also the lottery, which occurs twice everyday.

2. The Kolkata FF is based on an algorithm that produces the lucky digit, and they are given as winning numbers. The algorithm, however, is concealed from the public and only a select number of those within the game itself are exposed to its intricacies.

3. One should note that it is illegal gambling in India except for a number of states where this principle is regulated . Hence, Even when certain parts of the country resist playing Kolkata Fatafat due to this provision in most areas It has put down as an illegal activity. People should be careful while engaging themselves in it

4. This is like any other gambling activity and there are risks associated with it like earning pull to play football. It is important for individuals to know the different risks and results of playing this kind of game, including continuing to loss until you lose all your money and prison.

5. However, candidates who have formulated a technique for playing this game are advised to conduct some research on the rules and regulations before engaging in the game. Whatever field one is involved in, it is a common fact that if one does not pay much attention to how they are working then they will definitely lose. Thus, we advise our readers to first differentiate between the varieties of bets and learn how the game is played as well as how one can win it smartly.

How to Play Kolkata FF

6. Before you begin to indulge in a game of Kolkata, one should have decided the budget he or she would like to spend. Budget and adhere to it. Under no circumstances move above this budget. Gamble in that fashion, If you win you will be trapped in the poor practice of spending more; If you lose, the same unfortunate dedication to betting more applies.

7. It is a common practice for most people who have exceedingly lost to try to play more rounds in order to regain their winning spirits. It can cause major losses and practices.

8. The players are forced to pick their numbers on the basis of their provisional outcomes and overall standing. They might even employ some popular sets of numbers that have high winning chances.

9. Find out the latest materials about the game. You will be much better off if you are updated about the new developments and facts regarding Kolkata Fatafat. You can find this on the official website or in groups and social networks. At least engage other members that you would get tips and ideas from them.

10. Kolkata should be fast and strict at the same time. Do not bet on random numbers based on mere thinking. Make informed decisions. It would be better not to elaborate everything and come to a conclusion at the end only. You have to factor in gambling and eliminate the usage of random bets.

11. Moreover, do not provide anyone with your information during the process of using Kolkata Fatafat, especially when you play online.

How to Play Kolkata FF


Finally, Kolkata fatafat is more than just a game, it is an emotional ordeal requiring vigor for luck and skill. Take it as a trip of adventure, enjoy the travel and appeal that in the long run is not about winning or losing but about having fun.


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