What Are the Benefits of Purchasing an App like Gojek in 2023?

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing an App like Gojek in 2023?

The past decade has seen a drastic escalation in technology advancements including mobile apps. From simple game apps on phones to a multi-service App like Gojek, the world has come far! Today, entrepreneurs are not developing apps, they are purchasing them!

Now, entrepreneurs are purchasing pre-built apps, white-labeling them, and launching them on the App Stores! It has become that easy to launch a business and start making money.

Benefits of Purchasing a Gojek-like App

Purchasing a pre-built app is a simple and easy way to kick-start a business. As the app owner, you will get to enjoy a lot of benefits.

Get useful customer insights

The biggest challenge for most business owners is to find what their customers want and using that information, improve things around! An app like Gojek integrates features that will help you as the app owner to learn more about the operations and customers.

Now, you can get insights and use them to your advantage to improve the business. For example, with the Advanced Analytics and Reports feature, you can see all the customer activities, commissions earned, preferred payment methods, and more.

Using the reports, you as the app owner can learn more about your earnings in a detail and take the right decision to either increase the rates, apply marketing efforts, etc.

Offer unique services and features

Until and unless you offer unique services and features, customers may not think about using your app like Gojek! It is one of the most powerful customer behaviors and no business owner must ignore it!

Well, this app allows you to offer some of the most unique services like online video consultation with professionals, bidding for handyman services, hiring a delivery Genie and Runner, etc. 

Apart from these attractive services, this app like Gojek also offers numerous futuristic features. The list includes login with biometric authentication, multiple credit card management, OTP verification, voice instructions, etc.

Gain competitive advantage

Staying on top of the competition is an arduous task. As a business, you need to research rigorously, make improvements, add uniqueness, and much more. Well, with the Gojek-like app, entrepreneurs need not worry about putting in extra effort because everything trending comes pre-integrated with the app.

Here are a few important things that help an app gain the edge:

- Integration of futuristic features

- Multiple services

- Interactive UI/UX design

- Safety against data breach

- Secured payments

- Quick loading speed

Encourage engagement

Customer Engagement is one of the most prominent factors contributing to the success of the app. Therefore, you have to be careful about integrating components that can help you increase engagement.

The app like Gojek you will launch includes many interactive features to help increase engagement.


Refer and earn: who doesn't want to earn money or other beneficial rewards easily? Well, with this app, your customers can earn a monetary sum by referring the invite code to their friends and family! Now, every time someone registers with their code and books a service, the customer gets the reward!

Pop-Up Banners: interact with your customers via these push notifications. How? Well, you can use push notifications to let your customers know about a new launch, upcoming offers, sales, discounts, and more. These are graphically represented so that more and more customers pay attention to the message.

Making money on every service booking

As the app owner, you will make money on every service booked through the app. The money is credited to your account as a commission.

The best thing is that you will be able to set the Commission Rate while developing this app like Gojek. In short, you can decide how much percentage of every service booking you want to earn.

All in all, launching a multi-service Gojek-like app will help you become a successful and wealthy entrepreneur in just 1 to 2 weeks!

In Conclusion:

Are you ready to kick-start a multi-service business that can help you make money and earn the position of an industry leader? If yes, then get your hands on an on-demand multi-service app ASAP.

It takes only a couple of weeks for white-labeling experts to develop and launch the app on iOS and Android App Stores. Each of the apps will be launched under your accounts!

So, get started with the development of an app like Gojek! 


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