How Does Air Conditioning Affect Our Health?

How Does Air Conditioning Affect Our Health?

Summer is coming and the months of intense heat are coming. Routine activities such as studying, watching a series or going to bed become a challenge. Air conditioning is an effective way to combat high temperatures.

However, an excessively low temperature can negatively affect our health. So, when maintaining a comfortable home environment, hiring experts from Daikin Aircon Services company is recommended. They will guarantee you to fulfill your cooling requirements without affecting your health. What consequences does air conditioning have for health?


Negative effects of air conditioning on health

These are the main health problems related to exposure to air conditioning.


1- Respiratory problems

Sore throat is usually associated with intense exposure to air conditioning. However, subjecting yourself to a temperature that is too low or being exposed to air conditioning for several hours can cause other respiratory problems such as colds or coughs. It even makes asthma attacks worse! In addition, prolonged use of air conditioning leads to the appearance of inflammation in the respiratory tract such as pharyngitis or laryngitis.

So much so that nasal obstructions occur in 35% of people who live in acclimatized spaces with air conditioning compared to 9% of those who live in areas with natural ventilation.


2- Dehydration

Air conditioning tends to reduce the humidity of the environment. The reason lies in the refrigeration system they use to generate cold. The air conditioner passes the air through a battery that cools and freezes it, making the moisture it contains disappear.

Furthermore, being at a lower temperature tends to reduce the feeling of thirst. That is why it is important to combat dehydration by drinking plenty of water, even in conditioned places!


3- Headache and migraines

Did you know that air conditioning that is too cold can cause the blood vessels in the brain to tend to constrict? This contributes to headaches and migraine episodes.


4- Viral infections

You must not forget that the interior air conditioning keeps the same air circulating in a loop! Through filters, the device will try to clean the cold it expels, but it will never be fresh air. This is why air conditioning systems can contribute to the transmission of cold or flu viruses in the environment. Not to mention the coronavirus!

To avoid this, remember to ventilate the spaces also naturally: opening windows and doors, letting the air flow and be renewed.


5- Dryness and irritation of the eyes

The dryness of the environment caused by air conditioning also affects our vision. When the tear layer that protects the eyes is reduced, a sensation of stinging and irritation appears. In fact, it especially affects people who wear contact lenses.

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6- Muscle contractures

Muscles in the body contract when exposed to low temperatures. Pay attention to sudden changes in temperature at the end of a sports practice. Air conditioning can cause cramps or spasms.

Likewise, air conditioning is harmful when we stay in the same position for too long. Spending too many hours in the office at a temperature below the recommended temperature can cause back problems, neck pain, low back pain or torticollis.


7- Skin problems

Environmental dryness can also lead to skin problems. Exposure of the body to air conditioning influences skin irritations. Additionally, it also worsens existing conditions. If you have eczema or atopic dermatitis on your skin, it's critical that you refrain from using it.


Consequences of air conditioning on babies and children

Newborn babies, especially premature ones, are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. Extreme temperatures compromise their well-being, disrupting sleep at night and can even cause insomnia.

It is important to remember that children's immune systems are not yet fully developed. Too much exposure to cold air can affect their respiratory mucous membranes, irritating the airways and causing them to suffer from colds.

Additionally, the cold air generated by these devices also has harmful effects on your natural defense system located in the nose and throat. This causes the mucosal circulation to not occur properly, or even to be interrupted, giving rise to other diseases such as sinusitis or otitis.


Recommendations for using air conditioning at home

Do you have an air conditioning system at home? Whether fixed or portable, before starting it, read the following recommendations carefully to prevent it from affecting your health:

·   Regulate an adequate temperature. The ideal intensity should be between 23-25°C. In Singapore, only 8 out of every 100 people follow this recommendation.

·   Avoid sleeping with the air conditioning on. Although the health effects do not vary from day to night, body temperature does decrease when we sleep. That is why it is recommended to turn off the air conditioning before going to bed. Still, if you decide to keep it on overnight, remember not to set the temperature below 25°C.

·   Maintain good humidity in the environment. It is recommended that the humidity be between 40% and 60%. Use a humidifier to combat dehydration of the environment caused by devices.

·   Clean the filters from time to time. The accumulation of pollen, mites or dust can cause respiratory diseases.


Installation of an air conditioning unit in Singapore

Before installing an air conditioning unit in your home, it is important to respect the existing regulations. If it is an air conditioner with installation on the facade, you must keep in mind that you cannot modify any architectural element that harms the safety of the building.

Furthermore, the Horizontal Property Law requires that the community of neighbors be informed in advance. Without that permission you will not be able to install the device!

On the other hand, remember that the air conditioning must meet the maximum noise and vibration parameters required by your municipality.

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