6 Ways To Avoid A Construction Accident in NYC

6 Ways To Avoid A Construction Accident in NYC

In New York City, construction accidents are one of the most dangerous things that could happen to any person. Due to the involvement of heavy tools and machinery, many workers suffer from severe injuries like spinal cord or brain injuries.  

Moreover, it can even have a lifelong effect on the body's functioning. 

When the safety rules are not followed, such accidents are bound to happen. According to the recent figures reported by the New York City Occupational Safety and Health Committee, more than 71 workers were killed last year. 

If you or your loved one has suffered a construction accident, we suggest it is best to contact the best Construction accident lawyer in NYC. The lawyer will help you get the required compensation which will help cover your medical expenses and treatments. 

In this blog, we will share some of our best ways to prevent a construction accident at a working site. 


Ways to Avoid Construction Accidents in New York City

To avoid construction accidents in New York City, several tips are necessary that will keep the workers safe even while they work using heavy tools or machinery. 

Here Are Some Of Our Recommendations To Avoid Construction Accidents. 

1. Inspect Worksites Regularly

It’s seen that many construction accidents occur due to waste accumulation or debris. Therefore, to prevent any major or catastrophic injury, it’s best to keep the construction site clean and organized. 

Doing so will minimize the risk of accidents in the area.  

Furthermore, it is best to keep the construction materials and the equipment safe and organized.

2. Always Conduct Risk Assessments Periodically

Supervisors and contractors should conduct timely risk assessments on the construction site. With such activities, it becomes easy and possible to detect and identify any remaining or upcoming possible hazards or risks.  

This will help reduce the chances of any severe accident happening. With risk assessment, you can evaluate a particular hazard and how bad the harm could be.  

For example, if there are any wet weather conditions, you can send workers home. The wet weather can make the construction site slippery and also increase the chances of unexpected falls. 

Also, it can lead to catastrophic injuries. If you’ve suffered a similar injury then, quickly get in touch with Catastrophic Injury Attorney Lawyers in NYC

3. Provide And Offer Your Worker Safety Training

It would be best for all to have regular safety training for all construction-related works. Now, this includes training about using personal protective equipment and teaching workers and staff about how to identify and report any hazards or risks associated with work.

4. Provide Protective Safety Gear To Staff And Site Workers

By giving protective gear and equipment to the team, you can somewhat save them suffer any serious injury. Here are some gear that must be provided for each employee:

A) Hard Hat

B) Heavy bottom boots

C) An eye protection

D) Heavy-duty gloves

E) Ear protectors

5. Have Fewer Night Shifts

New York is a city that never sleeps. But, this doesn’t mean that your workers have to work round the clock. When you minimize the night shift hours, it can prevent any unnecessary hazards such as serious injuries and even death-like circumstances. 

If you’re on a deadline, then the best thing you can do is to make sure the area is safely lit and also have an adequate number of warning signs around the site. 

6. Encourage Breaks in the Work Time

Breaks are like a key to safety and productivity. It helps the workers replenish their energy during the work time. If they don’t get proper breaks in between, they’ll get prone to make mistakes from being fatigued or lethargic. 

Although, construction is a critical industry for New York City. By heeding such advice, it can reduce the likelihood of life-threatening injury to the workers.

Penning It Down

Construction accidents come without warning. They can cause people to have severe injuries and lifelong suffering. However, going alone to get compensation from another insurance party can be quite risky. 

Therefore, it’s best to contact the Construction Accidents Lawyer in NYC who can help you get the required compensation for your injuries. Get in touch with Godosky and Gentile, P.C. Attorneys at Law for the best services. 

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