Top Mobile App Development Companies in India

Top Mobile App Development Companies in India

Summary: Every business flounders, but their foundation and technology awareness strengthens them. If you want to be a deviant businessman, consider hiring the top mobile app development companies in India. These companies will let you stand on your feet and empower your digital transformation.

Eschewing the laptop, smartphones have become a go-getter device for the present generation. The device has garnered huge popularity among the masses and has become a one-stop-shop solution for different business challenges. However, the story has become more cherry-picked with the advent of mobile apps. These apps are easy to navigate, provide a friendly interface, and gun on your presence. Here we have shortlisted the top mobile app development companies in India that can propel the business future and let it outshine the competitors.


List of Top 10 Leading Mobile App Development Companies in India:


1. eSparkBiz

eSparkBiz is an acclaimed ISO 27001-certified company known for providing disruptive mobile app services to businesses worldwide. The company was established 12 years ago and has 100+ in-house pre-vetted app developers to turn your standard app into a high-ranking app. Their agile methodology further gives it a unique foothold in this industry.   

Their developers are experts in creating sturdy native, hybrid, Android and iOS apps. with their deft ability and experience with Java, Kotlin, Swift, and Objective C, the company provides fast mobile app development and 24x7 support to their 500+ clients with 95% retention.  

Creating a mobile app is not costly anymore! This CMMI Level 3 company promises next-gen apps with a deduction of 50% on development and maintenance costs. Plus! It gives you two weeks of risk-free trial.


Clutch Rating: 4.9

Established in: 2010

Projects Completed: $5000+

Price: <$25/hr

Time Zone Availability: IST

Min Project: less than $10,000

Employees: 50-249


2. NCompas

Compassing the direction of your business and enhancing the engagement rate, the company has a gamut of services to tackle hair-raising business challenges. The team consists of certified Apple and Android Developers with expertise in building mobile apps for B2B and B2C solutions. They also handheld their clients in creating native and hybrid solutions on Xamarin. So, if you want a feature-enriched app that lets your business progress, NCompas is your go-to company. 

They develop apps on the Xamarin platform and Flutter SDK to create industry-ready applications.


Clutch Rating: 5

Established in: 2010

Price: $25-$49

Min Project: $10,000+

Employees: 50-249


3. Poulima Info Tech

In today's speed-to-market world, where businesses are swiftly progressing with technology, Poulima Info Tech can help your business go afloat. It is an ISO-certified company specializing in designing, developing, and implementing software development services. 

99% of happy clients further empower them to do what they are doing with passion. 

The company has been featured by 400+ NBC News, CBS News, FOX News, and ABC News digital media networks. Their clients are Wavy Tv, 3HD, news channels, and Kolr 10.  

They have served different business verticals with great expertise, so joining hands with them would deliver you experience.


Clutch Rating:5

Established in:20222


Min Project:$1000+



4. Walking Tree

Counted among the best 50 Indian-founded companies by Silicon Review, Walking Tree is a company that nurtures every business, thinking of it as its own. They are forerunners in providing the best apps.

Their process starts with ideation and scoping, wherein different details are looked into to get started with the design and development stage. And after that, quality and user acceptance testing is done before its launch.  

Their accomplishments include being the No. 1 Global Sencha Services Provider and No.1 Global Cloud Solution provider.

Their in-house developers are conversant with various technologies like Angular, Cloud, React, Flutter, Xamarin, Sencha, and React Native to make your app superior.


Clutch Rating:4.8

Established in:2008


Min Project:$10,000+



5. Micro Pyramid

Achieving business success includes tiring working hours, balanced strategy and execution. Micro Pyramid is a company that can assist you in getting the direction right. It has an expert staff with extensive skills in working with various tools, Angular,node.js, Mysql, Mongo.dbk. 

Their seasoned developers go beyond aesthetics and create mobile apps that deliver value and lasting impressions. They are experienced in creating React Native, Android App Development, ios app development, Hybrid apps, and Flutter. 

They offer full-suite mobile app services fused with the latest technology.


Clutch Rating:4.3

Established in:2012


Min Project:$10,000+



6. Agiliq

Challenging the standard business norms, Agiliq is a company that maintains a difference with its bespoke services. Established in 2009, the company has a stack of expert web developers who present coherent ideas that can be implemented by different businesses to embrace success. They have expertise in creating mobile apps using custom web applications like Django, Python, and other modern tools. They primarily work for start-ups, small businesses, and other agencies.


Clutch Rating:5

Established in:2009



7. Zetagile Info Solutions

Marinating the business into different success layers, Zetagile Info Solution is a berserk company that leaves no stone unturned to create apps that make a difference. These apps lead to real-time development of the business. The company has deployed smart, agile, and intuitive staff that can create award-winning apps for your business in less than a week. Furthermore, it has an array of partnerships with reputed companies like Microsoft, HCL, IBM, Cloud Era, and Horton Works. 

They create robust mobile apps and save 60% of your budget and 40% of your time to market.


Clutch Rating:4.3

Established in:2013




8. Masarrati IT Studio

Its services are encompassed in its tag line "Innovating the future together". The company promises to bring in digital transformation by elevating the customer experience. The team has expertise in creating mobile applications designed to meet the client's specific requirements. Whether the client needs ios apps for development or Android apps, they have the skills and experience to provide you as promised. 

The company's expertise lies in developing mobile apps and other communication solutions like messaging platforms, video conferencing tools, and more to let business reach its ultimate goal.


Clutch Rating:5

Established in:2020


Min Project:$10,000+



9. Numel Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Serving as a beacon of hope to industry torchbearers and start-ups, Numel Solutions Pvt Ltd is a company to bank upon if you seek the best mobile app-related services. The company started in 2019 as a services and manufacturing firm but soon started landing in the success universe with its disruptive solutions. It is rated as an excellent mobile app development company in India because they have expert technologies to offer customers a delightful experience in a flash.  

Their achievements speak about their work excellence. For example, they have received certification from DPIIT, Quality Assured, and Indian Achievers awards.


Clutch Rating:5

Established in:2019


Min Project:$1000+



10. OpenTeQ Technologies

Expert in providing high-octane mobile apps that resonates with your business model. They are next-generation apps with inbuilt power to transform your business. The apps created by them are user-centric, innovative, and cost-effective. The team has expertise in creating cross-platform, native, and hybrid apps based on best practices. What's more! The company also provides mobile app support and maintenance services.


Clutch Rating:4.9

Established in:2018


Min Project:$5000+




Fuelling dreams into the business, these are the highly rated mobile app development companies in India to trust upon. These companies will help you to push your business boundaries by creating apps that give your business wings to fly high.  Also, these apps are interactive, will reduce your overall cost, and will propel your marketing effort.


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