Immigrate to Sweden thanks to the Jobseeker visa

Immigrate to Sweden thanks to the Jobseeker visa

In April 2022, Sweden introduced a new visa for job applicants and also provided a list of procedures for potential immigrants to relocate there even without a work offer.

With this recent statement, Sweden has joined Germany and Austria as European nations that permit immigration of foreign nationals without a work offer or offers.

Why getting this visa is essential for you

As of 2016, Statistics Sweden reports that 110,758 African nationals were residents of Sweden. Of these immigrants, the greatest groups (63,853, Eritrea; 35,142, Ethiopia; 17,944, Morocco; 9,945, Egypt; Gambia; and Nigeria) were born there (5,027).

This visa is a fantastic chance for Nigerians who do not wish to migrate via education by earning a Masters degree, as well as entrepreneurs who may not find it as simple to set up a business as it may be in Nigeria, given the present shortage of job prospects in Nigeria.

What it involves

Sweden has now adopted the procedure that was previously used by Germany, Austria, and other countries to enable foreigners to enter on a visa for job searchers.

A jobseeker's visa, as its name suggests, is a type of visa that enables you to immigrate on the grounds that you are relocating to look for employment opportunities. It waives your status as a job seeker, even if you haven't received an offer yet.

Due to the severe labor shortage, Sweden introduced the job seeker visa. There is a demand for people with particular talents in several occupations.

Criteria for Eligibility

These six stages must be completed if you are moving to Sweden without a job offer, using a job seeker's visa, looking for work, or exploring the prospect of starting a business.

Some of the eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. You must have completed your studies at a sufficiently advanced level.
  2. You must be financially secure and capable of supporting yourself for the duration of the permit.
  3. To seek work or explore beginning your own business, you must have a well-defined strategy.
  4. You must have complete health insurance to obtain medical care in Sweden.
  5. You will require a passport that is valid for the duration of your stay in Sweden. If your passport is about to expire, you should renew it since you cannot obtain a permit for a period longer than the validity of your passport.
  6. You must be currently living outside of Sweden.

If this is your first time applying for a visa, you must start the procedure by submitting everything to the Swedish embassy or consulate in your place of origin.

How to Apply for Swedish Permanent Residence

You must have lived continuously in Sweden for five years before applying for permanent residency. At the conclusion of the five years, EU nationals will receive this residency, even if some of that time was lost to unemployment. Non-EU nationals must demonstrate their ability to support themselves and their families, as well as the fact that they were working for the entire five years (even if it was self-employment).

The Advantages of Swedish Permanent Residency

Having permanent residency in Sweden has several apparent advantages. To begin with, you won't need to renew your visa to continue living and working in Sweden. Additionally, you are able to change occupations without having to modify your residency permit. 

Other advantages include being able to bring family members with you to Sweden thanks to Swedish family reunification legislation. For more information, click here. Family members may travel with you on a temporary Swedish visa, but they must apply for their own visas.

Remember that citizenship is not synonymous with permanent residency. Your right to permanent residency will be withdrawn if you spend a lot of time outside of Sweden. Depending on your particular permission, this period might last anywhere between two and six years. In the same way, you run the possibility of being deported and having your visa withdrawn if you commit a major crime.