How to Use Writing Prompts

How to Use Writing Prompts

Look no further for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. These adventure writing prompts will assist you in getting started on your latest story.


What Exactly Is Adventure Writing?

Readers are taken on action-packed, high-stakes adventures in adventure stories. The main character's story arc creates a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping plotline. Writers can take readers on exciting adventures in sci-fi, thriller, mystery, romance, and fantasy stories, so adventure writing transcends genre.


How to Use Writing Prompts

Creative writing prompts are story ideas that can help writers get started on their stories and hone their writing skills. You might associate fiction writing prompts with high school creative writing courses, but prompts can help writers of all skill levels get started. Writing prompts can help you clear the cobwebs and generate new ideas, whether you have writer's block, are looking for a new writing exercise, or simply want to flex your imagination.


12 Adventure Writing Prompts

Use these story starters to get started on your adventure-filled short story or novel.

1. A downtrodden mechanic witnesses a hot air balloon pass over her garage. Struck with wanderlust, she embarks on her own balloon journey to far-flung destinations she's always wanted to visit.

2. Two best friends fly to a tropical island in a small plane. The pilot suffers a heart attack mid-flight, forcing the plane to crash land on a remote island far from their destination.

3. A chemist falls asleep in his lab while working overtime. He realizes the next day that he inhaled noxious vapors while sleeping. He begins to experience severe hallucinations that blur the distinction between reality and science fiction.

4. A reporter joins an experienced crew of astronauts on a journey into space. Lift-off complications leave the reporter alone and adrift in a spaceship he has no idea how to fly.

5. On her first day as an archaeologist, she gets more than she bargained for when a pack of ravenous wolves attacks the excavation site. Her only hope is a local guide who does not speak her language.

6. A woman boards a train and is instantly transported to another era.

7. In a crowded amusement park, a group of teenagers becomes separated. As they try to find each other, they discover that the park employees have plotted to keep them apart.

8. A young boy stays up late on Christmas Eve in the hopes of seeing Santa Claus. Instead, he witnesses a kidnapping in the next-door house.

9. While cleaning out the house of his recently deceased grandfather, a man discovers artifacts that paint a bleak picture of his family's history.

10. While visiting an old estate, a woman gets lost in a hedge maze and finds herself in a fantastic, strange world.

11. A woman rides her motorcycle across the country on a personal discovery journey. She picks up a charming, thrill-seeking hitchhiker along the way.

12. A man buys a seemingly innocuous old book from a used bookstore. However, as he completes each chapter, the events described in the book begin to unfold in his own life.