How to Follow Up on a Job Application

How to Follow Up on a Job Application

During the job search process, sending a thoughtful follow-up email can increase your chances of getting an interview. With tips and examples, learn how to follow up on a job application.


How to Follow Up on a Job Application

Following up on a job application can help job seekers stand out and increase the likelihood that hiring managers will review their materials. Two weeks after applying, complete the following steps:

1. Make contact with the appropriate person. Check to see if the person you're emailing or messaging is the right person to contact, which is usually the hiring manager, human resources representative, or recruiter for the position. Examine the job posting to see if the recruiter's or hiring manager's name or contact information is included. If you know their name, you might be able to locate their email address on a professional networking profile or the company website. Always use your best judgment because sending the email to the wrong person or multiple people on the same team may appear unprofessional and count against you in the hiring decision.

2. Create a clear subject line. The subject of your email should describe the email's contents. To convey the message, use subject lines such as "job application status" or "application follow-up."

3. Compose your email. Include the company name, the position you're interested in, and a brief description of your qualifications in your follow-up email. Include your enthusiasm for the job title you're seeking, as well as any additional information not included in your application—but keep your email brief and to the point. Explain that you'd like to follow up on your recent application and reaffirm your interest in the position. Inquire politely when you can expect to receive updates on the job interview process, and invite the person to ask you any additional questions they may have. In the email, include your résumé, cover letter, and contact information.

4. Send a message that is polite, positive, and professional. If you need more information about the status of your application, ask politely and professionally. Hiring managers may reject an applicant because of a rude follow-up email. It is critical to maintain a positive and gracious attitude throughout your correspondence.


5 Ways to Follow-Up on a Job Application

Use these pointers to make your job application follow-up respectful and well-received.

1. Maintain a professional demeanor. Maintain a positive and respectful tone in your email message, and always use a professional tone. A professional follow-up could increase your chances of landing a job interview and making a good first impression.

2. Adhere to the instructions in the job posting. Some job postings expressly state that you should not contact the hiring manager, so follow the company's instructions. Job descriptions may also include a deadline for applications. It's critical to remember that date because they may not contact you about an interview or respond to your email until after that date.

3. Allow them sufficient time to respond. It's important to respect the hiring manager and recruiter and give them enough time to respond rather than following up throughout the hiring process.

4. Seek a personal connection. Examine your network to see if you have any personal or professional connections to your potential employer. A mutual connection via a professional networking site or alumni group can provide insight into the company culture. They are also an excellent secondary contact to have during the application process.

5. Check your email for errors. Reread your email several times to ensure that it is free of typos, grammatical errors, and other errors. Hiring managers seek strong candidates who pay close attention to detail. Proofreading can assist you in correcting simple spelling and writing errors in your follow-up letter, which could eliminate you from consideration for the position.


Follow-up email for job application

Here is an example of a follow-up email for a job application:


Dear Ms. Richards,

I'm writing to follow up on the marketing director position at Network Agency application I submitted on November 12th. I want to reaffirm my interest in the position and ask if you received my application materials.

Recent experiential marketing initiatives by Network Agency have me excited, and I would welcome the chance to join your team. The marketing team at Network Agency would benefit greatly from my innovative thinking abilities and capacity to organize and carry out strategic marketing campaigns. I'm a strong candidate for the job thanks to my five years of experience creating effective digital marketing campaigns and organizing pop-up events for ABC Marketing.

Please feel free to contact me if you need additional references. I look forward to learning more about this opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration.

Stephanie Miller