How TikTok Algorithm Works in 2023 + Tips to Go Viral

How TikTok Algorithm Works in 2023 + Tips to Go Viral

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media networks with over 1.7 billion users worldwide. With its unique content format and algorithm that primarily works on the basis of user interest, it has taken the internet by storm.

The platform offers a distinctive experience to each user depending on their content preferences and interests. No two individuals on TikTok come across similar content because the whole experience is highly tailored. It was the #1 most downloaded social media app in the first quarter of 2022.

How and why is this happening? It is all thanks to the TikTok algorithm that is great at delivering relevant content to each user.  

Understanding the TikTok Algorithm

If you are surprised by the fact that how TikTok brings you the perfect videos every single time, we are here to unmask the reality for you. Unlike other social media sites, the TikTok algorithm works quite differently. 

The ‘For You’ page, which is the first thing you come across when you open the app, has a blend of content from those you follow and those you don’t. It recommends you videos based on the types of content you enjoy and engage the most with. 

The purpose of this phenomenon is to provide the audience with the best experience while they are on the platform. Interesting videos are displayed one after the other to keep the audience hooked for as long as possible.  

As a content creator, you have to understand the algorithm to your best so you can make it work for you. If you don’t know how the algorithm works, you won’t be able to curate your content properly. 

The follower count, number of likes and comments on a video don’t really matter on TikTok. If your content is good enough and caters to a particular interest of the audience, it is highly likely to perform well on the platform. 

These are the few factors that influence the algorithm and form the basis of TikTok pushing a certain type of content to an audience. 

Core Elements Behind the Algorithm

User Interactivity: This includes user interaction with the content as well as with other users. The algorithm tracks their likes, shares, comments, downloads on videos. Moreover, who a user follows and interacts with while surfing through the app also assists the algorithm in determining what type of content to show them.

Watch Time: How long a user spends watching a particular video plays a key role for the algorithm in bringing perfectly personalized content to a user. If they scroll away past video of a specific kind immediately, those videos won’t be recommended to the user again. 

Device Settings: The algorithm determines the users’ geographical location, language preferences, and device type through their account and device settings. These factors play a trivial role in assisting the algorithm. 

Video Information: Any information regarding the video such as the audio used in it, keywords and hashtags, type of content, and the effects used in it help the algorithm in determining its relevancy for a user. 

Tips and Tricks to Go Viral on TikTok: Making the Algorithm Work In Your Favor 

The culture on social media these days thrives on virality. Becoming a viral sensation is a big deal and sustaining that fame is an even bigger one. Sometimes it’s just pure luck and other times you have to work hard for it.

Here are some proven strategies you can employ to go viral on TikTok in 2023. 

Create Targeted Content

Now that you know TikTok picks content to boost majorly based on viewers’ interests, develop your strategy by keeping this in mind. Narrow down your target audience and create your content tailored to their likes and dislikes. 

It’s best to find a subculture and become a part of the existing community on TikTok. #Booktok, #cartok, and #artistsofTikTok are a few examples of the subcultures that are formed on the platform to connect people sharing similar interests. 

Defining your niche early on in your journey and creating content for it helps you streamline your goals as well. It allows TikTok to pick your content faster and make it reach your target audience more conveniently.   

Use Hashtags Wisely

When it comes to social media, do not underestimate the power of hashtags. They can enhance your visibility by tenfold. Incorporate any hashtags and keywords related to your videos to help more people find you through them.

Write captivating captions with your TikToks and don’t forget to include trending hashtags as well. The ones that are trending are already being followed by a large audience so using them with your videos can take your content to places.   

If you use hashtags wisely, your content is very likely to surface on TikTok when someone searches for a relevant keyword. So let the maximum number of people discover your content on TikTok!


As they say, teamwork makes the dream work. As a creator, you are not set out on a journey alone. Although your experience may be different from the rest, there are so many others in the same boat. 

Reach out to fellow creators and influencers with striking ideas to collaborate on. Some of them might not agree but some of them definitely will. Work with them on the idea and execute it to the best of your potential. 

Partnering with other creators exposes you to a whole new audience all at once. It can prove to be a golden ticket for you to grow your TikTok followers and views. Don’t miss out on this chance and work on ideas to collaborate with as many influencers as you can. 

Partake in TikTok Trends

Viral trends and challenges on TikTok provide creators with a fantastic opportunity to be discovered by potential followers. Try to bring about a creative twist within the content you create specifically for participating in a trend. 

If you replicate the same concept over and over again, it will get boring for the viewers to watch as well. Let your creativity flow through your content so the audience can know what you are capable of creating. 

Furthermore, when you use trending hashtags for a particular challenge or trend, it multiplies your chances of getting discovered by a larger number of viewers. 

Post Content Consistently

Some people may get lucky and go viral overnight but that is not always the case. You have to put in effort and hard work to gain success and fame even if it’s on a digital platform. While you embark on a journey to becoming a successful content creator on TikTok, make sure to follow the right strategies to help your content get maximum likes on TikTok

Keep posting TikToks with consistency to yield the best results over time. Even if you don’t see your content performing better currently, don’t lose hope and consistency. Do your thing with utmost zeal and gradually and wait for things to change in a way that benefits you. 

Wrapping It Up

In such an overwhelming space where content is brimming every minute, it is hard to make your content stand out as a creator. If you get the knack of how TikTok works and how the algorithm picks content, you can make your content go places.  

Becoming a viral sensation on social media is all the rage these days. Sustaining the fame that comes with virality has to be the real deal. While you are creating content to make it go viral, focus on bigger things that lie beyond popularity.

Make an effort to build a community that is strongly knit together with each other. The one where people support and lift each other when needed. This is what will pay off in your journey to becoming a successful content creator on TikTok. 



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