Guide to Sleeping Well on Holiday

Guide to Sleeping Well on Holiday

Morning, afternoon or evening to wherever it is you’re reading this! Huw Devonald here, coming at you from Glasgow, Scotland. As a business-savvy fitness enthusiast and fervent advocate of healthy living, I know how essential it is to prioritise rest, even when you're on the go. Today, I'm diving into the world of travel slumber – that elusive state of tranquillity that often evades us in new surroundings. Join me on this journey as I share my personal experiences and top-tier tips on how to catch those Zs while away from your own bed.

Sleeping well on holiday can be challenging, especially if you are travelling to a different time zone, staying in an unfamiliar environment, or experiencing jet lag. However, some tips can help you get a good night’s rest and enjoy your vacation. Some of them are: 

Restful Escapes

Picture this: you've planned a dreamy summer getaway, the anticipation building with every passing day. But as you venture toward your adventure, a gnawing question lingers – will I be able to truly get the rest I opted for on this holiday? It's a common conundrum many of us face. However, fear not, for I've gathered wisdom from my travel escapades to help you achieve restful nights no matter where your explorations lead. 

The Whispers of Unfamiliarity

Ever find yourself tossing and turning in a hotel room, or perhaps in a cosy Airbnb hideaway? Trust me, you're not alone in this nocturnal dilemma. The unfamiliar surroundings can stir restlessness within us. As I've journeyed through bustling cityscapes and serene retreats alike, I've encountered those sleep-interrupting unfamiliar sounds. The solution? Embrace the serenity within.

Huw Devonald’s Top Tip: Pack a pair of earplugs to cocoon yourself in peace, oblivious to the hustle beyond your haven. 

A Pillow, a Pal

Ah, the joys of hotel pillows – a hit-or-miss affair that can make or break your sleep experience. Imagine resting your head on a plush cloud after a day of adventure. Bliss, right? Well, my friends, the key lies in familiarity. If space permits, bring along your trusty pillow from home. For those grand establishments that offer a "pillow menu," indulge your senses and select the pillow that resonates with you. 

Unveiling the Mystery of Light

One of my most cherished discoveries on the path to holiday slumber enlightenment is the humble eye mask. Whilst hotel curtains may not be akin to the legendary "blackout" variety, fret not – the power of the eye mask knows no bounds. By banishing intrusive light, you're not just shielding your eyes, but also harnessing melatonin production. 

Taming Room Temperature

Imagine a room that cradles you in perfect comfort. The ideal temperature for sleep, studies say, hovers around 18 degrees Celsius – a range that resonates with our internal rhythms. Yet, the dance of temperature control can be a delicate one, especially when traversing varying climates. When I ventured to destinations where the mercury soared, a cool shower before retiring to the duvet proved to be a game-changer. And remember dear reader, an extra layer or blanket for those chilly nights under the stars could be your saving grace. 

Crafting a Sanctuary of Sleep

Amidst the enchantment of a new locale, one can easily succumb to the siren call of adventure, forsaking the sacred realm of sleep. But fear not, for maintaining a semblance of your bedtime routine is well within reach. As I've tread the path of wanderlust, I've learned the value of adhering to a regular sleep schedule. Even when the allure of social gatherings beckons, crafting a harmonious balance between rest and recreation becomes paramount. 


Now, let's talk about those fragrant allies that usher tranquillity into your sleep haven. Have you ever encountered the captivating embrace of pillow spray? Lavender and chamomile, those botanical maestros of calm, can be your companions in dreamland. Whether it's a ritual you follow at home or an introduction to a new friend, these sprays can summon serenity, making slumber a poetic dance in an unfamiliar symphony. 

Stay Calm

Do some relaxing activities before you go to sleep. You can read a book, listen to soothing music, meditate, or do some gentle stretches to calm your mind and body. Avoid using your phone, computer, or TV at least an hour before bed, as these devices can emit blue light that can suppress your melatonin production and keep you awake. 

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and heavy meals before bedtime.

These substances can interfere with your sleep by stimulating your nervous system, dehydrating you, or causing indigestion. Instead, opt for a light snack, herbal tea, or water to keep yourself hydrated and relaxed. 

Final Call

As you traverse landscapes unknown, remember this: the art of sleeping well on holiday is within your grasp. Armed with these insights and my tried-and-true tips, you're equipped to claim the rejuvenating slumber you deserve. So go forth, my fellow voyagers, and embrace the beauty of both exploration and repose. Your journey to a world of restful wanderlust awaits. 

Until next time, sleep well.



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