7 Top-rated eBook Readers for Your Smart Devices

7 Top-rated eBook Readers for Your Smart Devices

EBooks are popular right now because so many people are abandoning traditional books in favour of eBooks. You don't need an Amazon Kindle device to read ebooks. You may use these applications to convert your PC, tablet, or phone into an ebook reader, and they support a wide range of ebook formats.

1. Google Play Books

Another well-known piece of software that comes preinstalled on Android devices is this one. As implied by the name, Google created this application. You may modify the various reading looks using this software.

The font's size and colour can be changed. Additionally, you have a simple dictionary lookup tool if you are unable to understand the meaning of any term. The finest feature of Google Play is the simplicity with which books can be quickly and readily downloaded for free.

2. Amazon Kindle App

The ease with which ebooks may be accessed from any location is one of their finest features. The creation of the Kindle and the Kindle applications has made reading simpler and, in many circumstances, more accessible for users who are always on the go.

You can read Amazon books without a Kindle device. The Kindle software is compatible with a wide range of gadgets, including Windows and Mac desktops, and iOS, iPad, and Android mobile devices. It supports both books from Amazon and anything from your library that is accessed through Libby.

3. Apple Books

Apple Books, which is incorporated into Apple devices, is the built-in reader for ebooks and audiobooks downloaded from Apple's store. You may bookmark sites, annotate material, add notes, and change the brightness, theme, font style, and size within the app.

To read a book vertically rather than by swiping left on each page, enable Scrolling View. You may copy, look it up, highlight, make a note of, search for, or share a word by holding down the mouse button on it for a long time. You may go to a certain term or page number using the search tool.

4. Kobo Books

Kobo, which caters to both ebooks and audiobooks, claims to have over 1 million free books. The Kobo Books app is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, and users may locate free books by searching for the author's name, the title of the book, or the category, and selecting "Only free items" under the pricing option on the filter. It allows you to read books downloaded from the Kobo store as well as imported books saved as PDFs or EPUBs.

6. Barnes & Noble Nook

One of the best free book-reading applications is the Nook. The books are available through Barnes & Noble, which is unquestionably one of the largest booksellers. An easy-to-use slider bar at the bottom of the user interface lets you quickly switch between the book's pages or browse to a specific page. When a word is highlighted by tapping it, a definition is shown. From the Settings page, you may control the reader's operation, manage your collection, and alter the page-turning options. This program offers an integrated store where you may browse periodicals, newspapers, and comic books in addition to allowing you to import epub and PDF files. 

6. Libby

You may borrow ebooks from your neighborhood library using Libby. All you need is a library card. The software may be used directly through your web browser or on devices running iOS, iPad, and Android. You may explore the virtual stacks or search for a book after logging in with your library card and account.

You may change the font size, the lighting, and the appearance of the book within the app itself. You may bookmark and highlight particular pages and sections of the book using the app. To get to a certain page, you may also search for text and swipe down the bottom. When you press a word, you may examine a definition, highlight it, or do a search.


Possibly the biggest reading community exists here. There are numerous free books available on Goodreads. Although there are numerous paid books accessible as well, people who seek some of the best suggestions prefer this app. You may take quizzes, read quotes, and even enter prize drawings. This online community is a reader's paradise because it has almost every type of book.

The users' lives may be made happier by using some of the best free eBook programs. By downloading them, you may read one or more of them whenever and wherever you like.