6 General Traffic Ticket FAQs To Clear Your Doubts

6 General Traffic Ticket FAQs To Clear Your Doubts

Getting a traffic ticket can be both financially and emotionally distressing. Many people carry questions in their minds about dealing with a traffic ticket in court or getting help from a Traffic Attorney In New Jersey

To help them, we will discuss some of the common traffic tickets frequently asked questions in this blog.

If you’re also looking for some answers, then keep reading this blog till the end. Without making you wait any further, below are some common traffic ticket FAQs to clear your doubts. 

Common Traffic Ticket FAQs And Their Answers

1. “Will My Traffic Ticket Get Dismissed?”

 Every person wants their case dismissed. However, dismissing cases depends on the situation and the judge. Many other different factors influence it. 

Therefore, in some cases, the traffic ticket case can be dismissed and in some, it does not.

But you should rest assured that with the help of a New Jersey Speeding Ticket Lawyer, they can convince the judge and also seek a favorable outcome. 

This will also create circumstances in keeping the ticket off your record. 


2. “What Will Happen If Officer Does Not Show Up in Court?”

 Keep in mind that an officer is only required in court when the case is set for trial. There are some counties in which the case may be set for trial on the first court date. 

 It can depend on your county, the type of case, and the courthouse. Maybe the officer may not be required to appear in court until the trial begins.

 Even if the officer doesn’t show up in the court during the trial, the court judge can continue the prosecution. 

 It’s seen that many people get upset whenever they expect their ticket to be dismissed. But usually, it’s not.

 However, your chances of getting your case dismissed increase when you hire a Traffic Attorney In New Jersey.

3. "If I Don't Pay for the Ticket," What Will Happen?

 Whenever you receive a traffic ticket, you have two options. The first thing is to plead guilty and pay the fine. Another option is to contest it in court in front of a judge and get it dismissed. 

 On the contrary, if your case gets resolved and you are required to pay then, failure to do so can have severe consequences. 

 The court may submit all the information to the State Secretary, and it can suspend your license. 

 They may also refuse to issue you a new one if the license is lost or expired.

4. “Do I Still Have To Pay The Ticket Price If I Have Already Paid The Court Fines?”

 If you choose to attend the court instead, there are chances that your case may get dismissed or you may be found not guilty. If such a thing happens, you won’t have to pay any money to the court. 

 Furthermore, if you receive supervision or are guilty, you will likely owe the court the costs and a fine too. Moreover, those amounts will not coincide with the original ticket amount. 

5. “What is Court Supervision?”

 Court supervision means that as long as you’re complying with the terms, the ticket will not appear on your driving record or become a conviction. The terms of the supervision will surely vary also. 

 For offenses that come in the petty sections, the person may be required to pay the costs, and court fines, serve the traffic safety school, or have to complete a community service. 

 If you have received a traffic ticket for reckless driving, then it’s best to contact Reckless Driving Attorney In New Jersey 

6. “Will My Driver’s License Be Suspended?”

Certain offenses have mandatory suspensions. If you have committed a serious traffic violation the Secretary of State can suspend your license. If you have received more than 2 convictions within a year.  

Therefore, it depends on the type of situation and the law of each county. If you’re charged with a petty offense, you may be able to represent yourself or might plead guilty. 

 If you have a ticket attorney on your side, then it will bring more comfort in the court to deal with convictions. The lawyer will collect the evidence and present it to the court. You will therefore greatly benefit from it.

The Bottom Line

 These common questions are sure to help you answer some of your questions. If you need a Traffic Attorney In New Jersey who can help you with the traffic ticket. 

 We suggest heading over to - The Law Offices of Jonathan F Marshall website. They have more than 200 years of combined experience in handling traffic tickets. They are also former municipal court prosecutors in over 25 NJ towns.



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